ADDASOUND develops its new generation QD headsets, Crystal 2831/32 and Crystal 2731/32 this year. More flexible, durable and comfortable!

Moreover, ADDASOUND launches its first two stereo headsets, SR2832 and SR2732 to the USB/UC market.

DN1200 is another pleasant surprise. It is a multi-functional amplifier for both deskphones and softphones.

ADDASOUND’s full product line of noise canceling wired headsets is compliance-tested by Avaya. The ADDASOUND product line offers headset options with a good, better and best classification, giving users the flexibility to select the best possible product to fit their budget.  

ADDASOUND launches its premium and innovative headsets, Crystal 2871 and Crystal 2872 series for users requiring all-day comfort along with crystal-clear voice transmission in noisy work environments.
ADDASOUND adds the entry-level Bluetooth headset, Elite, an indispensable companion for smart phones and tablets. Comes with premium travel case.

ADDASOUND is an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner. ADDASOUND has been compliance tested by Avaya for compatibility with Avaya products. ADDASOUND is able to provide headsets that seamlessly integrate with AVAYA infrastructures in contact centers and offices. It enables customers make full use of wideband audio on Avaya phones, enjoy crystal-clear voice transmission, minimize their operation costs and increase work efficiency.
ADDASOUND introduces its entry-level Crystal 2701/2702 headsets. Users in contact centers and offices will now have a cost-efficient noise-canceling headset without compromising on quality.
ADDASOUND introduces its SR series headsets to the speech recognition market.
ADDASOUND’s Bluetooth headset, Pilot, wins the iF Design Award in Hannover, Germany.
ADDASOUND China, hosts a new product release tour in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou in collaboration with the Danish Foreign Ministry and the Danish Embassy in Beijing.
With the great support of our local partners, ADDASOUND’s product release conference is held in Paris, France and Manila, Philippines in collaboration with the Danish Foreign Ministry.
ADDASOUND’s local office in the Philippines is founded.
ADDASOUND introduces its high-end noise canceling headsets, Crystal 2821 and Crystal 2822 series to meet the demanding requirements of professional users.

ADDASOUND enters the US, German, Philippines and Mexico markets and builds friendly channel-driven policies to new global distributors and resellers.

ADDSOUND AMERICA LLC is founded in Texas, USA.
ADDASOUND launches its first noise canceling headsets, Crystal 2801 and Crystal 2802 series for contact centers and offices.

ADDASOUND’s brand is released in China.
ADDASOUND Denmark A/S is founded in Denmark and its brand “ADDASOUND” is launched in Aalborg, Denmark with the mission of developing superior voice communication and unified communication devices.

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