"Sound Changing the World" Product Launch in the Philippines

Taguig, Philippines - July 31, 2015 


Addasound Denmark A/S, global top headset manufacturer and headset provider of wearable

intelligent voice and unified communication devices from Denmark, and its local partner Ardent

Networks, Inc., the Philippine distributor of Addasound products, and in partnership with the

Embassy of Denmark, recently made a product launch of their headsets on Friday, July 31, 2015 at

Ascott BGC hotel in Taguig.


 I was fortunate enough to be among the very first to discover the latest state-of-the-art voice

solutions equipped with the world's most advanced electro-acoustic devices, providing powerful

support for products’ design, development, and testing. Addasound products target users from

different customer groups, such as office, education, mobile, car, medical cares, etc.

Addasound products incorporate leading technologies to offer advanced Noise-Canceling-

Technology to guarantee high-standard sound quality and best user experience. It's simple

Nordic style design perfectly combines outer simplicity and inner excellence. From product to

service, the brand looks deeply into every detail to meet our every need.

Thus the tagline of "Sound Changing the World" since it offers high-end headsets for optimum
performance. Addasound develops products based on the customer's need and devotes itself to
making outstanding technology practically usable. The ergonomic design combines outer
simplicity with inner superiority.


The esteemed, honorable Ambassador of Denmark, Jan Top Christensen, was the guest of

honor at the event and gave the keynote message. Addasound Country Representative Loren
Remo-Aguilar was also there to give an opening message during the program proper, as well as
the Marketing head of Addasound Denmark A/S who discussed the details about their products.

I was able to request short video messages from both the Ambassador and the Country
Representative, plus all other speeches made that night. Due to a problem with my Internet
connection, I will have to upload them at a later time, and update this post when my ISP
has fixed the slow connection.


The event introduced some exceptionally crafted audio solutions developed by the top global
Danish manufacturer and provider of wearable intelligent voice and unified communication devices

from Denmark.

As technology moves, new trends emerge. High call volumes in today’s businesses require
higher standards for headsets, this includes the need to comfortably wear headsets for longer
 excellent noise cancellation and durability at an affordable price. Addasound’s technology
can help companies 
meet these demands."


To verify the accuracy of some of these statements, I guess it is necessary for a product
review, so we can compare it to previous headsets we have 
already tried . Though I was

lucky enough to win a Pilot earpiece for being an early bird at the event, I would prefer
reviewing the Crystal headset series.

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