The 2014 APCCAL (Asia Pacific Call Center Association Leaders) Forum

Beijing, China - November 11, 2014

The 2014 Asia Pacific Call Center Association Leaders Forum & China’s 10th call center industry summit was held in the Beijing Liaoning building.It was hosted by the China call center electronic chamber of commerce and customer relationship (CRM) professional committee.The forum was led by the Ministry of Industry and Information and the China electronic chamber of commerce and the Asia Pacific customer center's league leaders. The conference was themed by reshape the value of contact center Focus on industry, embrace change, looking forward to the future focus on changes in the industry of the contact center in the enterprise positioning and value.

China electronic chamber of commerce Executive Vice President Mr. Wang Ning attended the opening ceremony and delivered the keynote. Wang Ning said in his speech, " for more than ten years call centers have been a  flourishing industry, especially in the modern service industry and electronic commerce makes the call center industry more important to all the enterprises and social government departments pay more attention to the construction of the call center. The annual summit of the call center also received great attention from people of all walks of life.The activity has been successfully held for nine sessions. This year was a milestone in the history of the development of China's call center industry, "the 10th"is also the 10th anniversary of the celebration. The call center industry after these years of rapid development also in a very critical period, so, under the situation of call center in this big should explore how to innovate the new form."

During the conference dozens of call center technology manufacturers from home and abroad showed the company's latest product research and development and came up with a new application of industry. Denmark Addasound as the world's top interactive intelligent voice terminal products supplier was exhibited at the summit with its Crystal series cable headset and Pilot and Nature wireless headset. Among them, the Crystal in the year 2822 bank of communications Pacific credit card center successfully won the bid headset procurement projects. This product adopts the latest acoustics and communication technology, has broadband sound quality and noise reduction function for noisy environments, while ensuring call quality. At the same time, advanced evaporation technology render textured appearance, 180 the ear plate rotating with 270 degrees of flexible arm, can be adjusted according to calling habits flexible; The advanced ergonomic design and super light weight, long wear a headset, which improved the call center staff of discomfort, greatly improve the work efficiency. This headset, designed the call center at the summit also got the attention of many people in the industry.

In the speech segment from China, New Zealand, Sweden, the United States, South Korea and other countries well-known call center industry experts and representatives of enterprises and delivered a wonderful idea, to bring us the latest call center operational management concept and technology innovation Conference. Addasound China marketing director Nevin Wang Shared with< the voice of changing the world - to build professional call center & UC headphones >as the theme of the speech won the applause.


More wonderful is that the conference was themed by development of organized by the contact center in the Asia-pacific region of the round table BBS leader of the union by the Asia Pacific customer center association chairman Mr. Yuandawen hosted nine Asia-pacific association representatives to participate in with the scene forum guests discuss the trend of the call center industry development.

2014 China (tenth) call center industry summit was perfect ended. Not only deepen the customer contacting and experience R&D via the successful case but also share and new channel experience communication. Denmark Addasound focuses on the future of the industry and the development of domestic call which actively participates in and sponsor call center summit, permeated with the spirit of the meeting and the connotation learning advanced science and technology. In the New Year Addasound will be presenting to you with better products.

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