ADDASOUND Exhibited at the 5th Global Contact Forum 2014 in Mexico DF

Mexico City, Mexico - March 12, 2013

ADDASOUND exhibited at the 5th Global Contact Forum 2014 in Mexico DF
The 5th Global Contact Forum 2014, organized by the Institute Mexico Teleservice, was held
from March 10th to 12th in Mexico DF. With 5000 visitors, even more than in past years caming to vist
the customer service, communication, and call center exhibition. Fifty exhibitors from 12 different
countries discussing and sharing their experience, knowledge and thoughts on the New Culture of
Customer Engagement theme, over the course of entire event.

Addasound not only made great contacts with potential partners and customers from Mexico and
other Latin America countries, alongside the related conference and associated social event,but also
displayed their new headset, Crystal 2821, for the first time in these countries.


Crystal 2821 is particularly designed to meet the special needs of the user. With professional acoustic
engineering, it delivers a high quality audio performance. In all different environments crystal-clear
communication is ensured while your hearing is protected. The advanced ergonomic design
allows you to wear the headsets comfortably over a long period of time, making your work efficient and easy.


The Crystal 2852, with noise-canceling chips inside, is ideal for very noisy working environments;
During the Forum, Addasound demonstrated the 
28022852Nature and 

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