ADDASOUND Celebrates Grand Brand and Product Release
Nibe, Denmark - October 3, 2013

On October 3rd the moment ADDASOUND has been looking forward to has finally come.

In the company’s headquarters in Nibe (near Aalborg), Denmark, a reception was held to launch
and present the new ADDASOUND brand concept and headset series. Among the almost 100 guests
were key people from economy and politics in Denmark, partners of ADDASOUND, and those
who wish to
 become one. Further, several media, such as TV 2, the business magazine BØRSEN,
and others reported on ADDASOUND and its brand and product release.


After a company and brand introduction by Global Marketing Director, Daniel Jakobi, ADDASOUND
was officially welcomed and wished much success by Helle Frederiksen, Vice Mayor of the City of Aalborg,
and Tina French Nielsen, Deputy Mayor of the City of Aalborg. Following this, culinary delights
were provided and the well-known Danish opera ensemble Lisbeth Jagd, Jens Jagd, Thomas Harring Boll
sang typical Danish songs, including Hans Christian Andersens famous song “In Denmark I was born”.


Marking the highlight of the reception a cat-walk product presentation was given.
The new ADDASOUND headset series was shown by three models and product details
were introduced to the audience. Following this official end of the release, the guests had plenty of time
to have a closer look at the products, visit the company’s facilities, and get in touch with the ADDASOUND staff.


We want to thank everyone for coming and celebrating this important day together with us.
We are positive this event marks the beginning of something great and look forward
to more product releases and ADDASOUND events in the future.


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