Crystal QD series

Crystal 2701/2702

Economical and Professional Headset



     ADDASOUND Crystal 2701/2702 headsets are specially designed for cost-effective contact centers.
     The advanced noise canceling technology and ergonomic design guarantee all-day comfort and excellent 
     call quality.


• Noise canceling microphone blocks background noise and intensifies the voice
• Maximum volume control protects the hearing under intensive use 
 Ultra-lightweight design for all-day comfort
 Adjustable headband to fit all users
 Easy deployment on different platforms such as desk phones and PCs via a variety of  
   Quick-Disconnect cords
 Only environmentally-friendly materials are used 




Crystal 2701 (Monaural, Over-the-head, Noise-canceling)
Crystal 2702 (Binaural, Over-the-head, Noise-canceling)


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