Crystal USB Series

Crystal SR2821/SR2822

Professional Noise Canceling Headsets for Speech Recognition

ADDASOUND always keeps up with the fast pace development of speech recognition, to provide headsets that meet the special requirements of professional users: clear, precise and focused. Our professional noise canceling technology, Nordic acoustic engineering and ergonomic design guarantee all-day comfort. Accurate audio performance and excellent voice communications in multiple environments, allow for an easier and more efficient work flow.



  Precise Speech Recognition and High Quality Communication 
 •  Directional noise canceling microphone with an optimally designed sound chamber filters out background              noise for accurate audio performance

 •  Wideband audio processing delivers high definition voice quality




Wearing Comfort and Nordic Design

•  Nordic design with adjustable headband and bendable microphone boom

•  Custom 180º adjustable ear cap and 300º rotatable boom to fit every user

 Comfortable and durable ear cushions

•  Ultra-lightweight design allows for all-day wearing




Easy Set-up

 Plug-and-Play function with mute, volume+ and volume -

 Compatible with Microsoft® Windows 10,  Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista®, Windows         XP, Windows 2000 and Mac® OS X, etc.


Crystal SR2821 (Monaural, Over-the-head, Noise-canceling)   
Crystal SR2822 (Binaural, Over-the-head, Noise-canceling)   


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