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ADDASOUND Business Headsets Are Designed for Calls

The main application scenarios of business headsets are call centers and offices, and the main purpose is communication calls. The main application scenarios of consumer headsets are music scenes and sports scenes. In a light call scenario, the advantages of business headsets are not obvious, and consumers are left with the false impression that business headsets are not different from consumer headsets in terms of functionality.

In fact, in order to enhance the call experience, the headset for business calls is very different from consumer headsets in terms of product design. By comparing different positioning headsets of the same brand and same price, we can find that business headsets have the following characteristics:

1. There are more microphones in business headsets

The emphasis on call performance is the most important difference between business headsets and consumer headsets. Consumer headsets pay more attention to the "listening" experience, while business headsets focus on both "listening" and "speaking".

Increasing the number of microphones is the most direct way to improve the quality of sound pickup, and its drawback is that it will increase the quality and volume of the headset. Therefore, common consumer headsets are usually only equipped with 1 to 2 microphones, while business headsets are usually equipped with 3 to 4 microphones.

2. Business headsets better perform in the noise-cancelling of the earpiece and the noise cancelling of the microphone

Consumer headsets and business headsets have the same needs for the noise-cancelling function of earpieces. The level of earpiece noise cancelling is generally not related to the market positioning of the headset but has a great correlation with the price. The active noise cancelling function is the standard configuration for high-end headsets. The common active noise-cancelling technologies include ANC, ENC, DSP, CVC, etc.; while the noise-cancelling function of the microphone enhances the experience of the user's call partner, which is a feature of ADDASOUND business headsets. Microphone noise-cancelling technology can reduce wind noise and sound noise at the same time, improving the overall call experience.

3. Business headsets focus on long-term wearing experience, which is more comfortable to wear, and have a lower weight

Compared with sports headsets focusing on the function of anti-dropping under strenuous exercise, and music headsets focusing on the function of wrapping which can bring a high-quality listening experience, business headsets pay more attention to the experience of wearing for a long time, and business headsets are mostly made of flexible materials. At the same time, reducing the weight of headsets is an important means to alleviate the fatigue of long-term wearing. Therefore, business headsets are usually lighter than consumer headsets.

4. The frequency response range of business headsets is narrower

ADDASOUND business conference speakers are specially designed for calls. The narrower frequency response range can not only highly concentrate the voice energy and truly restore the sound; it can also strongly suppress other frequency bands to reduce interference signals. For consumer headphones, their wider frequency response can ensure accurate restoration of treble and bass.

5. Mono is a unique design of business headsets

Although the traditional dual-channel Bluetooth headset has broken through the limit of cable connection between the terminal and the headset, there is still a wired connection between the left and right headsets. Mono can be used to get rid of the shackles of the cables between the left and right headsets, and can better meet the communication needs on the move. However, the disadvantage of mono is that it cannot produce stereo. Therefore, consumer headsets that focus on music functions never adopt the mono design.

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