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How to Use the Call Center Telephone Headset Correctly?

The use of telephone headsets has become very common in the call center industry. Professional telephone headsets are humanized products, which can free the hands of customer service personnel and help improve work efficiency.

In addition, the use of call center telephone headset in the call center and office environment can significantly shorten the single answering time, increase the number of calls per unit time, improve the company's image, and free hands and facilitate communication. In order to prolong the service life of the call center phone headset and effectively improve the work efficiency of customer service, customer service personnel should use the call center phone headset correctly as required.

Ⅰ. The correct way to wear a call center telephone headset

The use of professional headsets in call centers is very beneficial to the healthy development of the body. Frequently clipping the phone handle to the neck to talk can easily lead to structural deformation of the spine and damage to muscle tissue.

It is not difficult to wear and adjust the professional headset for call center. Put on the headset first, and adjust the position of the head clip T-plate appropriately and effectively so that it presses on the skull above your ears, not on your ears, but across the top of your head. The call center headset can be stretched up and down to adapt to different head sizes.

The call center telephone headset should fit snugly against the ear. The call tube can be bent inside and outside according to the actual needs (depending on the functional requirements of the headset product), and the angle of turning the call center telephone headset can be appropriately increased, so that the angle of the headset extending from the ear can be attached to the ear more smoothly. Rotate the microphone boom (note the problem: do not force the built-in stop point), so that the microphone boom extends from the cheek to the lower lip 2CM, at this time, a better state can be achieved by adjusting the effect!

Ⅱ. The use of call center telephone headset

Headphones should not be used continuously for a whole day, as they are easily damaged. It is recommended that each operator is equipped with a multi-function headset, which can prolong the life of the call center telephone headset.

Do not rotate the "talking tube" frequently, which is easy to cause damage to the "swivel arm" - the connecting part of the "talking tube" and the "speaker". Each time you use the C-type headset, you should handle it with care to prolong the service life of the call center phone headset.

ADDASOUND is committed to providing excellent voice solutions and comprehensive after-sales service. Our wide range of headset types cater to contact center and office professionals with a focus on speech recognition and unified communications. All products are based on the specific needs of consumers. Welcome to consult if it is necessary.

Ⅲ. How Long Should You Wear Headphones A Day ?

If you need to wear headphones every day,  like wired headphones or bluetooth telephone headset, you need to know how long you can safely wear them each day. There's a good rule you can follow. It is recommended to use headphones for no more than 90 minutes a day, and the maximum volume should not exceed 80%.

Ⅳ. What Happens If You Use Headphones Too Much ?

Noise cancelling phone headset is  a better choice for call center agents. But if you wear headphones regularly and for too long a day, or if the volume of your headphones is too high, this can damage your hearing and give you an ear infection. When headphones are too loud and used for a long time, the hearing cells in the ear are damaged. Also, headphones can push wax further into the ear canal, which can lead to infection.

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