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How Noise-canceling Headset Work

Noise-canceling headsets are a kind of headsets that reduce noise through a certain method. The current noise-cancelling headsets with mic are divided into two noise-cancelling modes: passive noise cancelling and active noise cancelling.

Wired Headset With Passive Noise Cancelling Microphone 

Passive noise cancelling is an outdated method of noise cancelling. The reason why passive noise-cancelling is used is that it does not rely on the support of technology, thus reducing costs.

Wrapped to form a closed space: Passive noise-cancelling headsets mainly form a closed space by wrapping the ears and using sound-insulating materials such as silicone earplugs to block external noise. Without the aid of technology, the headset for noisy office can only block high-frequency noise, but can't do anything about low-frequency noise.

Generally, passive noise-cancelling headphones are headsets, and they are huge in size. For those who want to reduce noise in summer, passive noise cancelling is a very unwise way.

Active noise cancelling: wired noise-cancelling headset

The prerequisite principle of active noise cancelling is the interference principle of waves, which neutralizes the noise through positive and negative sound waves, so as to achieve the noise-cancelling effect. When two wave crests or wave troughs meet, the displacements of the two waves will be superimposed on each other, and the vibration amplitude will also be added. When in the peak and valley, the vibration amplitude of the superposition state will be cancelled. ADDASOUND wired noise cancelling headset has applied the active noise cancelling technology.

Wired Headset With Noise Cancelling Microphone

On an active noise cancelling headset or active noise cancelling earphone, there must be a hole or part of it facing the opposite direction of the ear. Some people will wonder what it is for. This part is used to collect external sounds. After the external noise is collected, the processor in the earphone will create an anti-noise source in the opposite direction to the noise.

Finally, the anti-noise source and the sound played in the earphone are transmitted together, so that we can't hear the outside sound. It is called active noise cancelling because it can be artificially determined whether to calculate the anti-noise source.

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