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The Advantages and Classification of Call Center Headset

The call center headphones are headsets for call center workers (which is a special headset for operators), the call center headset is used on the call box.

1. Advantages of the USB call center headset

Call center wireless headsets noise cancelling are light and convenient, and it can be worn in one ear. The volume can be adjusted, and it has the functions of shielding, noise reduction, and high sensitivity.

The call center headset is the telephone headset, and they are only different in terms of name. There are common names such as telephone headset and customer service headset.

2. Classification of USB headphones with mic for call center

There are two types of call center headsets for computers. One type of call center headset has a USB interface, and there are two types of USB interfaces, one with a sound card and the other without a sound card. The other type of call center headset has a 3.5mm standard double socket.

The sound quality and reproduction of the USB interface with a sound card are better than those without a sound card, but the price of wireless call center headsets is more expensive. However, as long as it is a headset with a USB interface, the volume, answer and hand up, as well as mute can be adjusted through the wire control.

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 USB Call Center Headset Crystal SR2731 2732

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