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Purchasing Guides for a Telephone Headset

With the business connection of call centers widely recognized by people, the conveniences caused by call centers have appeared everywhere in our daily life. In the train of the situation, the market demand for call center related equipment is growing. As a professional enterprise in call center headset service, ADDASOUND often sees a situation that customers are confused about when picking out and buying telephone headset. Here, several common questions will be mentioned briefly.

Ⅰ. What is a call center telephone headset?

A telephone headset is also called a seat headset. With the wearing away of a head wearing mainly and some other ways like ear hooking, ear hanging and so on, single-ear headset consists of earphone receiver and sound guiding tube. Its main application is taking the place of telephone receiver so that the staff can free their hands, which is more convenient for users to communicate with each other by telephone.

Ⅱ. How to choose the brands of the telephone headset

With the progress of the professional technology of telephone headsets, headset suppliers also found their position slowly against the great pressure from international competitors. Products of plenty of self-owned brands are being widely accepted and preferred by users increasingly because they are high quality and inexpensive. The market shares of these brands whose products are becoming more and more exquisite are growing increasingly. The reason why customers choose a brand is to get high-quality headset types manufactured by this brand and good after-sale service and reputation of it.

Ⅲ. How to choose a telephone headset?

1. If you are an office worker, what should be prepared may be only a telephone line, in this case, you could choose the combination of dial and telephone earphones. And there is a specialized wireless headset for call center phone.

2. If what you use is a digital phone, congratulations, because as long as you take off the handle and put in telephone earphones, you can use it normally, which is the most economical recommendation. You can buy a headset directly.

3. If sometimes you want to use a telephone and sometimes a telephone headset, the adapter will be the best choice. You can think about the combination of handle/call center headset switcher (earphone adapter) + telephone headset.

4. Mostly, users of call center use voice board whose type is various and can't be introduced in detail one by one. The key to choosing a voice board is the interface. Interface RJ11, please refer to combination "dial + telephone headset" or "handle/ call center headset switcher (earphone adapter) + telephone headset"; interface RJ09, please refer to the choice "buy a headset directly". When you meet an exceptional case in purchasing, please don't hesitate to communicate with salesmen. Besides, we also provide local users with the service of trying out our products for free.

In conclusion, at first, it may be difficult to select and buy a headset with mic for call center because of its high professionalism, especially for those who come into contact with these products for the first time, it's hard to start choosing because of the wide variety and different prices. It's easy to choose the right product as long as you are sure what type of telephone headset you need and then pick the product from the brand you trust according to your budget.

ADDASOUND always aims to offer preeminent telephony solutions and all-around after-sale service. Our various telephone headset types meet the needs of professionals from the call center and office, welcome to consult if necessary.

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