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The Functional Features of Computer Headphones

Ⅰ. The sound quality of computer headphones

There are some ways to evaluate speakers for measuring computer headphones, but the sense of hearing of headphones is different from that of speakers. The sound waves emitted by the speakers attenuate and interfere in the air, interacting with the human head and ears, but the sound from the headphones enters the ears directly.

The sound quality of a headset is more important than its technical performance. Since the shape of the human head and ears are different. A pair of headphones will have different hearing sensations for different people, so the recommendation can only be used as a reference, and you must listen to it yourself if you have the opportunity.

Ⅱ. The comfort of computer headphones

The comfort of the headset is also very important. When using headphones, other activities should also be considered. A pair of headphones should not be too tight or too loose, so that they can be worn for a long time.

The adjustability of the headband and unit can guarantee the use of different head shapes and different purposes. Professional audio professionals sometimes need to monitor a single unit, so the unit needs to be able to rotate. In addition, the length of the line and the way the unit enters the line is also a factor that affects the use.

ADDASOUND's earphones are lightweight and convenient, with unique wire design, comfortable and soft ear pads, and ergonomic, extremely considerate to the ear, which making the tri-frequency more balanced and the sound quality more robust.

When adjusting the length of the headband, pay attention: The headband is short, the pressure on the top of the head is large, the pressure on the head of the computer headset earmuffs is small, and the opposite is true when the headband is long. It is most comfortable to balance the pressure of the three points, and the problem of adaptive headband does not exist. Now there are also some headphones with a pentagonal design, which can fit the human ear better and be more comfortable to wear.

Ⅲ. The durability of computer headphones

Durability is very important in portable audio and professional fields. Portable audio headphones are relatively light and small, and are easily damaged. Professional earphones are frequently used and moved, and the cords are prone to being stepped on and broken, requiring the earphones to be made to be very strong, and the parts to be easily repaired and replaced.

Another durability-related issue is the power that a computer headset can withstand. A small amount of power can push the earphones very loudly, and when the power is exceeded, the earphones may be damaged. The withstand power of general civilian headphones is less than 100mW, and the power of professional headphones is 100mW-1000mW. The voice coil of high-impedance headphones is more resistant, not as sensitive to power changes as the voice coil of low-impedance headphones, and is more durable.

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