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Some Tips for Protecting Call Center Headphones

1. Understand the value of call center headset

If call center management involves their employees in purchasing call center headphones, it will help them last longer, because they will understand the value of the headphones and treat them well, but it will increase the purchase cost.

2. Keep the call center headset fresh at all times

In order to protect products, most wireless headset suppliers provide leather or sponge cases for their call center headsets. When new employees join, as well as giving them a clean working environment, remember to refresh your call center headset with the accessory covers.

3. Keep the call center headset private

Happiness can be shared, but when using call center headphones, it's best not to share them. For safety and hygiene reasons, a pair of call center headsets are allocated scientifically and reasonably. In addition, each employee should do his or her best to protect call center earphones.

4. Call center headset is small, but they also need to bring to the forefront

Like computers, wireless call center headsets are the property of the company, but most people prefer to be kind to computers and ignore the humble call center headsets. Call center headsets don't come cheap, and they need to be cherished.

5. Do not use alcohol to clean call center headset

That's not to say you can't use alcohol to touch the headphones, in fact, the metal parts of the call center headphones can be cleaned with alcohol. But all the experts will warn you that alcohol is a disaster for plastics, and it can make call center headphone cables brittle and crack. We need to wipe the headphones regularly with a soft cloth sprayed and detergent to remove makeup residue, sweat, and dust.

6. Do not wrap the call center headset cable

Some people like to wrap the cables tightly together. It looks neat, but this is a big mistake that will shorten the life of the call center headset cable.

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