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The Benefits and Problems of Using the ​telephone Headset

Call center is a product of senior account management concept, and its related products must strongly support use for maximum efficiency. Telephone headset is inseparable to call center. Some people think that telephone headset has relatively low technical content, and can be selected randomly. In fact, it is not suitable. For heavy users of telephone headset from call center's operators, the design and quality of customer service telephone headset is quite important.

I. Advantages of using telephone headsets

1. Customer service telephone headset is headset or supra-aural, frees hands of call attendants, and improves working efficiency.

2. It cooperates with automatic dialing function of call center system, avoids mistakes and omission of working step caused by wrong manual input or number enter by call attendants, and saves time and cost.

3. Headset has great function, supports more extended functions then ordinary telephone, and can meet business demands of call attendants.

II. Consequences by improper choice of telephone headset

1. For companies, bad customer service telephone headset will affect speech quality and cause clients' dissatisfaction; bad headset will increase corporate operation cost and cause unnecessary waste.

2. For seat staff, customer service telephone headset of low quality will severely affect staff's hearing and health.

3. From medical aspect, sound above 90 decibels will cause damage on ears. Sound harm on ears is in proportion to time and strength of noise. High-frequency sound is more destructive.

III. What are the common problems for telephone headset?

During operation of call center, some small problems of telephone headset often occur.

1. When speaking, there is no sound from telephone headset.


(1) Equipment may be inconsistent. Replace telephone device matching the cell phone.

(2) When speakers or microphones fail, replace them.

2. Loudspeaker, telephone headset's microphone screams.

Solution: because the volume is too high or microphone is too close to mouth, please adjust volume or distance between microphone and lips.

3. When using telephone headset, both clients and we hear the buzz.

Solution: you can check instruction manual to confirm if compatibility adjustment switch of telephone adapter has adjusted to the corresponding compatible place.

4. Clients cannot hear the sound clearly or hardly hear the sound.


(1) Confirm if microphone place of headset receiver is accurate, namely, microphone shall be at horizontal position between your mouth and chin.

(2) Adjust volume of adapter microphone, or adjust and choose type of adapter microphone.

The above is common problems in daily life, which can be solved by ourselves. When you come across insoluble problems, please remember to seek for technical support.

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