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How to Choose the Correct Call Center Headset?

In a call center or marketing center project, call center headphones are gradually valued by customers, hoping to play a reference role in selecting headphones. The work of the seated staff is mainly to communicate with customers through customer service earphones and telephones, so as to realize customer service or marketing functions, transmit company information and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Due to the need to use the phone for a long time, the headphones used in call centers have become an indispensable tool for agents. During the 8 hour working day, wear telephone headsets for phones for a long time and communicate with customers through earphone telephone.

As the name implies, the call center headphones are a two-in-one communication tool of headset and microphone. The microphone is used for outgoing calls and the headset is used for answering. Some people think that the technical content of headphones is relatively low enough to be used casually. In fact, this is inappropriate. For heavy users of headphones (such as call center agents), the design and quality of call center headphones are very important.

1. Improper selection and use of call center headphones will usually lead to the following adverse consequences:

(1) For the company, poor headphones used in call centers will affect the call quality and cause customer dissatisfaction; Poor quality call center headphones will increase the operating costs of the company and cause ineffective communication.

(2) For seat personnel, using low-quality headphones will seriously affect the hearing and health of seat personnel.

2. There are several main requirements for call center headphones:

(1) Comfortable to wear

Seat staff put on headphones for 8 hours. If the ergonomic structure of headphones is not designed properly, wearing them for a long time will make the seat personnel feel very uncomfortable, which directly affects their work efficiency and mood. So it is important to select a comfortable headset with mic for call center.

It is hard to imagine for many people who have not been an operator, but it is conceivable if the office staff's chair is uncomfortable. How it will become efficient.

(2) Outbound effect

Agents do not produce direct products, their products are services, that is, the dialogue between them and customers. Therefore, the microphone part of the wireless headset for call center phone must ensure that the outgoing sound is clear to ensure a high level of service. The environment of many call centers is very noisy. Many operators work in a relatively small space, which will greatly affect each other.

Usually, the sound of adjacent tables is transmitted to the microphone of the seat. This is a big worry for customer service. Even in a relatively quiet call center, the agent wants to use a high-quality microphone to make the voice quality clear, the customer will not misunderstand any information, and the agent does not need to repeat this operation.

We often see that in some call centers, the poor microphone makes the staff have to raise their voice. This will damage the health of the seated staff, make the environment of the call center worse, and plummet customer satisfaction.

(3) Clear voice

Call center customers may be in various environments, some quiet, but some noisy, such as on the road or in restaurants, especially for many customers. 

We need a good headphone system to filter out the background noise. In this way, the customer will not repeat this operation, and the agent can understand the customer's needs more clearly. Professional corded noise cancelling headphones, can save time and improve the quality of service.

(4) Hearing protection

Hearing is the same as vision and cannot reduce the damage for life. Employees are exposed to noise for a long time. If there is no proper way to protect them, their hearing will be greatly damaged. It may cause earache at first, and then hearing loss. With age, hearing will be much lower than the standard level. Using professional call center headphones can protect employees' health.

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