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Purchase Skills and Monaural Analysis of Call Center Headsets

1. Tips for purchasing call center headset

When purchasing call center headset, you must compare at least two aspects: first, compare the transmission sound quality and volume of call center telephone headsets of different brands, and then compare the reception sound quality and volume of call center headsets of different brands. After comparing these two aspects and comparing the price, you can decide which brand of call center headset to buy.

At present, most call center headsets on the market have the same sound quality and volume, but the transmitted sound quality and volume are very different.

Acoustic tube call center headset adopts air conduction technology to keep the microphone away from the user's mouth and external environment. After three to five years of use, it is not susceptible to moisture. The call center telephone headsets for phones are also equipped with an amplifier circuit to ensure that the transmission is always clear and pleasant. The traditional microphone is easily affected by moisture during use, which reduces the voice volume.

Therefore, for call centers that require high voice quality and high volume, you should first consider using QD headsets. Of course, the price of a voice tube call center headset is relatively high.

It should be noted that the squelch microphone should be selected as far as possible to prevent customers from hearing the voices of colleagues around them and provide customers with high-quality service. Try to choose a call center telephone headset with a soft rubber headdress to avoid headaches caused by long-term wear.

2. Why are most call center headsets made of unilateral call center headsets?

In fact, there are certain reasons for this design, so the operator needs to be able to hear the sound in the telephone headset, and must be able to hear the external sound at the same time, so it can only be designed in this way. If it is designed as a bilateral traffic headset phone, the external sound will not be heard.

The unilateral call center headset can clearly hear your own voice, and you don't need to spend too much energy talking with customers. If your supervisor guides you nearby, you can also hear it clearly.

You can also change the call center headset on one side to reduce fatigue. The single ear has no special advantages, it is very convenient, and has no special disadvantages, so it will not cause hearing damage.

On the one hand, telephone earphones are related to the balance between the left and right brain. On the other hand, this is the problem of the call center headset itself. Complete music has both human and device sounds, so you need two headphones to reflect them separately. 

You can try it. If you only wear one of the two headphones, you cannot hear some music, so you only need two headphones.

Unilateral telephone earphones will not damage your ears and hearing. Bilateral telephone headphones make the sound you hear more perfect, but don't wear call center headset for a long time. Please pay attention to protecting your hearing.

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