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What Are the Advantages of ​Telephone Headset in Life?

Phone headset is a professional headset phone for operators. The design concepts and solutions are developed for the operator's work and physical considerations. They are also called telephone headsets, telephone headsets, call center headsets, and customer service headset phones. Let's take a look at the advantages of telephone headsets in life.

Ⅰ. It is more convenient and sensitive to use our telephone headsets

When making or receiving a call on a regular telephone landline, the telephone must be removed and the landline switch must be turned on to make a call. After the call, the phone must be restored to its original position, which caused great inconvenience to the operator!

With our telephone headset series, when you make or receive a call, you can complete the call by pressing the call button, which is convenient and direct! In addition, the sensitivity of telephone calls is many times higher than that of ordinary telephones. Incoming call will pop up the screen, as long as there is a network, there will be a signal.

The phone headset can immediately recognize and answer calls, so compared with ordinary phones, it can more easily prevent loss of customers due to slow response speed and no one talking after connection, thereby greatly improving work efficiency.

Ⅱ. Telephone headsets have anti-noise and anti-interference functions

There is a volume adjuster on the side of the serial telephone console, which can adjust the volume of the telephone headset without gear, which is more suitable for different working environments, personal hearing factors and habits.

Telephone headsets that are often equipped with telephones also have anti-noise and anti-interference functions. Allows you to easily implement easy calls in complex environments. The public telephone landline does not have the volume adjustment of the handset.

There is a ringing switch built in the telephone series of telephone base phones, and you can choose the phone headset to ring or the landline phone to ring. It is especially suitable for working in a call center, because of its ringing function or environmental influence, you will not miss any calls.

The appearance of the telephone headset perfectly solves the trouble that has plagued telephone personnel for many years. On the one hand, it can free hands and improve work efficiency, and both hands can work when answering the phone. On the other hand, it protects the health of the human body without the need to stick the phone on the neck and shoulders for a long time, and it will not cause physical discomfort due to the phone call.

ADDASOUND is committed to providing excellent voice solutions and comprehensive after-sales service. Our wide range of headset types cater to professionals in contact centers and offices, focusing on voice recognition and unified communications. All products are based on the specific needs of consumers. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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