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Why Do Most People Still Use Headphones Corded?

1. Lower power consumption of headphone wired

Both headphones wired or wireless should be connected to the computer when in use, so they both consume electricity, but what's different is their power consumption are different from each other. The power consumption of wireless headphone is very low while that of Bluetooth headphone is almost twice as much as its.

2. Lower latency of headphone wired

Headphone wired has almost no latency, while Bluetooth headset has a latency in a way according to its configuration, which could be judged more accurately by professionals.

3. Longer service life of headphone wired

Generally speaking, the service life of headphones can meet most users' needs, consequently compared with the service life, people normally focus more on the loss rate of headphones. And in general, the cost, as well as the loss rate of wireless headphones, is higher, so the service life of headphones corded are longer than wireless ones by contrast.

4. Better sound quality of headphone wired

The transmission performance of Bluetooth headphones is low, which results in worse tone quality. The tone quality of headphone wired is better when it's at the same price as Bluetooth headset. Of course, there are also Bluetooth headsets with good sound quality, but their price will be relatively higher. And there is new wired noise cancelling headset on the market.

5. Headphone wired does not require charging

When Bluetooth headphones are in use, they need to be charged as well while they are consuming the power of the computer. Moreover, they last for only 24 hours after being charged normally and require charging once every three days approximately. However, the headset phone cable doesn't require charging at all.

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