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Some Maintenance Notes for Telephone Headsets

General call center's headset telephone is small and easy to press with big storage capacity. But in daily life, many people don't know how to maintain it. If you don't pay much attention to maintenance, service life of telephone headset will be easily cut down. Therefore, we will introduce how to use and maintain telephone headset as follows.

1. Applications of the telephone headset

Before using telephone headset, you shall understand it according to manufacturers' requirements, check appearance and structure, to know normal function keys and if telephone lines are inserted accurately.

Try each function according to the manual, which will provide solutions to problems more easily in the future. There is no image in manual, because some clients will dispose it as waste, which lead them not familiar with products, and they will suppose falsely that broken products can be returned to factory for maintenance.

In fact, telephone headset has incompatibility problem in aspect of system and software. Therefore, it has some limits, which must consult system suppliers, and don't assume the telephone headset itself has problem. After all, express cost is not cheap and wastes time.

2. Maintenance of the telephone headset

After installation and use of telephone headset, we shall pay attention to daily maintenance. Cars need maintenance, houses need maintenance, so do telephone headsets. How to conduct effective maintenance?

First, don't use it in a rude way. After all, telephone headset is neither iron nor steel.

Secondly, each time when using telephone headset, please wear it accurately and adjust headset direction.

Many people like to hang up, and then make a call. It is not right. Please remember hanging headset after use, to avoid headphone cable to rub against desktop, and fold the cable.

If it is a leading-note headset, please put the headset at proper place, otherwise, it is easily broken off.  Once it is broken, you have to reorder a new telephone headset. Many people think repair can fix it, but if you have to discharge the whole headset and make up accessories, you’d better to buy a new one.

Another thing needing attention is to keep the product clean. Dust and water accumulation is bad for our personal hygiene. So does the product. If dust and water accumulation penetrate circuit board, short circuit will be formed. Therefore, each person must pay attention to the use of telephone headset.

ADDASOUND is committed to providing outstanding voice solutions and comprehensive after-sales service. Our widely-used headset type caters to professionals in contact centers and offices, and focuses on speech recognition and unified communications. All products are based on consumers' specific demands. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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