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How to Choose Bluetooth Headset

In recent years, major mobile phone manufacturers have cancelled the headphone jacks on their phones, and Bluetooth headphones have gradually become the new favourite of the headphone market. Compared with wired headphones, Bluetooth headphones are indeed much more convenient to wear, and no longer need to be entangled by the headphone cord. So for a while, the market is full of all kinds of Bluetooth headphones, and people who want to buy them don't know how to choose.

In fact, it is not difficult to choose the one that suits you among so many Bluetooth headphones. First of all, the best for you is the best. Bluetooth headphones are also divided into many types. Let's first classify what Bluetooth headphones are currently on the market.

Corded headsets

Everyone is familiar with headphones. The difference between the appearance of Bluetooth headphones and the wired headset is nothing more than the lack of a cord.

Neck hanging headphones

If you don't want to "carry" a heavy Bluetooth headphone, you can also choose this neck-mounted Bluetooth office headset, which is much easier and convenient to carry. After all, you can hang it on your neck.

Discreet Bluetooth headphones

Since Apple launched Airpods, discreet Bluetooth headphones have ushered in a new form of development. Compared with the previous two forms, the split-ear Bluetooth headphone is undoubtedly more streamlined, so streamlined that you are afraid of losing it... Except for its small size, in addition to being easy to carry, trendy fashion is also the advantage of split-ear Bluetooth headphones. After all, they are trendy products. Another point is that the discord discreet Bluetooth headphones can automatically connect to Bluetooth, and it is quite convenient that it does not need manually switching the device to connect to Bluetooth like other Bluetooth headphones.

ADDASOUND Bluetooth Headset

Bone conduction headphones

Compared with the aforementioned Bluetooth headphones, this type of Bluetooth headphone has a higher range. ADDASOUND as a professional headset manufacturer also provides high-quality Bluetooth headphones. The way it is worn is also very different. It does not need to be put into the ear or cover the ear, but the sense of hearing is generated through the skull to the auditory nerve. Because the ears are not obstructed, you can also hear outside sounds at the same time, so using this type of Bluetooth headphone, you can hear dual listening effects at the same time, and it feels very fantastic.

All in all, choosing to buy a Bluetooth headphone requires comprehensive consideration, the most important of which is the wearing method, battery life, and sound quality. Only by choosing a Bluetooth headphone that is satisfactory in all aspects can you enjoy the best listening experience.

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