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Tips for Purchasing Call Center Headset

In general, the customer service staff of the call center have several requirements for the special call center headset:

1. The noise cancelling call center headset should be comfortable to wear

Customer service staff wear a headset for 8 hours a day. If the ergonomic structure of wireless call center headsets is not well designed, customer service staff will feel very comfortable wearing them for a long time. And it will directly affect their work efficiency and mood. People who do not have worked as an operator cannot imagine this situation. However, if an office worker has an uncomfortable chair, how can he have high work efficiency?

2. The send effect of the noise cancelling headphones call center

Customer service staff do not directly produce products, their products are services, which is the conversation between them and customers. Therefore, the microphone of the call center headset should have a clear voice to ensure a high level of service.

Many call centers have a noisy environment, and many operators work in a relatively small space. It greatly influences each other because staff can hear voices from others. It is a great hassle to customer service.

Even in a relatively quiet call center, customer service staff also want a high-quality microphone. In this way, the sent voice is clear and customers will not misunderstand any information. And there is no need for the customer service staff to repeat. In some call centers, call center headset microphones with bad quality make customer service staff have to raise their voices to speak. It will damage their health. At the same time, the environment of the call center will become worse and customer satisfaction will decrease.

3. Clear voice listening of the noise cancelling headphones call center

Customers who call the call center are in various environments, some are quiet and some are noisy, such as on the road or in a restaurant. In particular, many customers use mobile phones, which increase the noise caused by unstable signals.

Good noise cancelling headphones for call center are needed to filter out background noise so that customers will not repeat things over and over again. Also, the customer service staff can understand customers' needs more clearly, which saves time and improves the service quality. 

4. Hearing protection for noise cancelling headphones for call center

Hearing is like vision, which cannot be recovered after being damaged. Customer service staff are exposed to noise for a long time, their hearing will be greatly harmed without proper means to protect them. At first, it will start with an earache, followed by a loss of hearing. Finally, as the age gradually increases, their hearing will be lower than the standard level. However, the professional call center headset can protect the health of employees.


1) A call center headset with soft rubbers should be chosen to avoid headaches caused by long-term wearing.

2) A squelch microphone should be chosen to prevent customers from hearing the voices of others and provide customers with a high-quality service.

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