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What Are the Differences Between Wireless Headphones and Bluetooth Headphones?

Many people need earphones like wired headsets, wireless headsets, Bluetooth headsets, and so on when they are using electronic products. Naturally, a question comes up: what are the differences between wireless headsets and Bluetooth headsets? So this article will tell the differences between the two according to the wireless technology and Bluetooth transmission technology.

1. Differences between wireless headset and Bluetooth headset In terms of types

Many users misunderstood "wireless headset" and think that a Bluetooth headset is different from a wireless headset. But that's not the case, in fact, Bluetooth headsets only adopt a kind of Bluetooth technology and also belong to the category of wireless headset.

At present in the market of digital products, there are only two headset types In addition to the technology gap. One is a wired headset, and another is a wireless one. The relationship between a wireless headset and a Bluetooth headset is just like that between father and son because the Bluetooth headset is included in a wireless headset but cannot represent all the wireless headsets.

2. Differences between wireless headset and Bluetooth headset In terms of principles

When it comes to wireless earphones, everyone must be impressed by their compactness and portability, but many people don't even know how it works. So let's talk about how Bluetooth headset works.

As a matter of fact, the use of Bluetooth headsets is limited, the headset of both sender and receiver have to be equipped with an appropriative decoding chip. And in general, the one who uses a Bluetooth headset is the receiver, when turning on the Bluetooth of the telephone and connecting it with the headset, it means that the decoding chip in the telephone turns the music into a kind of specific digital signal. And then after the receiver inside the Bluetooth headset receives the signal, it will be converted into an analogue signal that people can understand.

In the process of conversion, the Bluetooth headset for sale also plays the role of amplifying or reducing the signal. What this function depends on is the signal amplification chip built in the Bluetooth headset to complete the conversion. When the digital signal is played out after being converted by these chips in the Bluetooth headset, naturally, our ears can receive the sound.

In fact, the working principle of the wireless headset for sale has only a little different from that of the Bluetooth headset, the difference is only the transmission mode. Some wireless headphones require a specific receiver and the transmission mode they adopt is an infrared transmission. However, what mode some other headphones adopt is the 2.4G wireless transmission mode. Although the signal transmission mode is different from that of Bluetooth headphones, their principles are almost the same, converting the sound into various signals and then restoring them through the receiver.

But when it comes to performance, FM-typed headphone is the worst of all because of their low transmission efficiency and poor sound quality. The second worst is the headset with Bluetooth or infrared transmission that requires high directivity. So far, the best wireless headset is a 2.4G headset.

Bluetooth headset whose working principle has few differences from the wireless headset is only one kind of the latter, and it's not the best wireless headset.

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