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The Applied Characteristics of Telephone Headsets

Telephone headset and microphone are integrated, which is different from ordinary headset. Ordinary headphones are stereo, but they are mostly mono telephone headsets at the same time. Ordinary headphones have no microphone. Professional telephone headset is designed for voice transmission. What are the characteristics of telephone headsets? Let ADDASOUND introduce it in detail.

1. Features of telephone headset

(1) The frequency band width of telephone headset is narrow, which is designed for the frequency of voice. Therefore, the fidelity of speech is excellent, and other frequency bands are strongly suppressed at the same time.

(2) Professional stereo microphone is adopted for telephone headset microphone, which works stably. Ordinary microphone often works for a period of time after the sensitivity and sound distortion are reduced. Using professional telephone headset will not happen.

(3) The telephone headset is light in weight and high in durability. Because users need to use telephone earphones for a long time, professional telephone headset consider both comfort and performance.

(4) Everyone knows that long-term use of headphones can cause hearing damage. In order to reduce hearing loss, ensure that telephone headphones meet international standards.

2. Standard for telephone headset

According to the hearing protection of telephone headsets for phones, the noise target of the EU when working for earphones is the short-term sound level related to short peak noise such as whistle, echo and sudden sound emitted by the telephone system.

When the sound impact reaches or exceeds 118 decibel, transient or temporary hearing loss will occur. Experts suggest that a high-quality headphone system should be crucial to reduce hearing loss and reduce physical and emotional adverse reactions.

QD headsets are designed to ensure safety functions, and impulse noise and continuous noise remove the restrictions on the maximum noise level and below. For various applications where the noise exposure time at the actual work site is only eight hours, and it need a whole day of testing.

ADDASOUND is committed to providing excellent voice solutions and comprehensive after sales service. Our wide range of headset types cater to professionals in contact centers and offices, focusing on voice recognition and unified communication. All products are based on the specific needs of consumers. ADDASOUND is always committed to providing customers with excellent voice communication experience and ensuring high standards of reliability and quality. If you have any needs, welcome to consult.

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