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What is a UC Headset?

Ⅰ. What is a UC headset?

Before understanding UC headsets, we need to understand what unified communication means. UC (Unified Communications) refers to a telephone system that integrates or unifies various communication methods including business to improve efficiency.

UC is an all-in-one solution for voice, video and messaging. Whether you're using a cell phone, computer, or desk phone, UC applications can adapt to your needs (phone system, voicemail, instant messaging, chat, fax, conference calling, etc.).

Ⅱ. The function of UC headset

1. Connectivity

UC certified headsets have a variety of connection options. Some connect to desk phones that only run on DECT 6.0, while other solutions run on Bluetooth and are more mobile for mobile and computer connectivity.

2. Call control

Not all UC applications through a computer allow you to use a wireless headset to answer/end calls away from your desk. This feature will be available if the softphone provider and the UC headset manufacturer integrate it.

If not, you will have to answer/hang up on your computer. If this feature is important, ask your phone system provider if this integration is available before making a decision.

If connected to a desk phone, all wireless headset models require a handset lifter or EHS (Electronic Hook Switch Cable) with the headset for remote call answering.

3. Talk time

Depending on the model you choose, battery talk time can vary from 6 hours to unlimited.

4. Call quality

Buy professional-quality UC headphones for crystal-clear sound that cheap consumer-grade headphones can't offer.

5. Wearing method

Depending on the UC headset you choose, you can choose between a variety of wearing styles depending on your preferred comfort level. Some models are hooded single ear, some are double earmuffs, and some are headphone designs.

6. Noise reduction

Most UC headsets come standard with a noise-cancelling microphone to help reduce unwanted background noise. If you're distracted in a noisy work environment, buying UC headphones with dual speakers to completely enclose your ears will help you focus.

7. Replaceable battery

Not all wireless models have replaceable batteries. This is an aspect that gets overlooked before making a decision when buying a new UC headset. Customers replace batteries on average every 2 years. This means that models without a replaceable battery may need to be replaced every 2 years, which may add up.

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