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How to Choose a Call Center Headset?

1. The choice of high-quality call center headsets

(1) A good call center headset has clear and soft voice quality without noise interference.

(2) A good anti-noise microphone can generally shield more than 75% of background noise.

(3) The head card should adopt stainless steel design, which is durable and can save a lot of costs.

(4) Some call center headsets are equipped with quick plug and pull connection lines (QD connection lines) and have a muting function.

ADDASOUND has developed a kind of professional headset for call center. Advanced noise-cancelling technology and ergonomic design ensure all-day comfort and excellent call quality.

2. The benefits of call center headsets

(1) Wireless call center headsets adopt the head-mounted or ear-hook type, which frees the hands of the call service personnel and makes the efficiency higher.

(2) Cooperate with the automatic dialling function of the call center system, avoiding the mistakes and omissions of the work links caused by the call service personnel manually entering or entering the wrong number, saving time and cost.

(3) Powerful. The wireless headset for call center phone supports more expansion functions than ordinary telephones for operators, and can better meet the business needs of call service personnel.

3. Matters needing attention about distinguishing the quality of call center headset

Note 1: Head clamp

The headset clamp and connector of the call center headset are reliable and durable and can withstand more than 30,000 times of normal wearing and bending.

Note 2: Sheath

The sheath should be anti-vibration and non-slip, which can ensure users wear firmly and comfortably throughout the day.

Note 3: Swingarm

The swingarm can withstand more than 60,000 rotations.

Note 4: Wire

Tensile strength>40kg.

Note 5: Interface

The connection to the remote agent is the standard 3.5mm interface of the PC sound card. The cable has a QD quick interface and can withstand more than 20,000 plugs and unplugs.

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