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ADDASOUND Enters U.S. Headset Market

ADDASOUND is pleased to announce that they will be entering the U.S. headset market. Headquartered in Denmark, a country that leads the world's sound technology, ADDASOUND is a top global manufacturer and provider of intelligent voice and unified communication devices.

The founders are a reputable team with strong expertise in electro-acoustics, whose members built an international reputation through developing and designing many award-winning products. Our products target users from multiple vertical markets and environments such as call centers, office users and mobile workers.


High call volumes in today's call centers require higher standards for headsets, this includes the need to comfortably wear headsets for longer periods, excellent noise cancellation and durability at an affordable price. In order to meet these demands, ADDASOUND has developed the Crystal series product line (models 2801, 2802, 2852, 2821 & 2822). This family of headsets provides both monaural and binaural wearing options with direct connect cables for Cisco, Avaya and other desktop phones or USB to your PC. The Crystal series provides superior audio quality by using noise-canceling microphones that filter out ambient noise and highlight your voice, 150-6800Hz wideband audio processing to ensure natural sound transmission and 112dB maximum volume control to protect your hearing under intensive usage.


The office environment needs an active noise cancelling headset that can improve work efficiency. We provide wireless headsets to meet the need of mobility in the office, which ensures fewer missed calls as well as the possibility of working while answering calls: hence, enhancing work efficiency. Nature, a wireless Bluetooth headset, provides 12 hours of talk time off a single charge and superior audio quality. This model uses CVC dual-mic noise canceling & echo canceling technology to ensure clear sound transmission, windproof technology to reduce wind noise effect, A2DP support for stereo sound, aptX support for CD-quality sound and an over-the-head design to prevent sound leakage.


ADDASOUND has developed the Pilot to meet the demands of mobile workers in environments outside the office and work with your smartphone or tablet. This model provides excellent audio quality by using CVC dual-mic noise cancellation, FD echo cancellation and aptX support to provide CD-quality sound. The Pilot's multi-point support helps you manage both PC and smartphone or tablets at the same time. And our voice prompt function notifies you of the remaining battery capacity and connection status.

"With entering the U.S. market we continue to set foot on another key market of the headset industry. Offering professional headset solutions, engineered and designed in Denmark, we believe that ADDASOUND will have a bright future in North America." Global Marketing Director Daniel Jakobi.

"I'm very excited to be joining the ADDASOUND team," says Dave Petricig, Sales Director of North America, with over 18 years of sales and management experience in the headset, conferencing and unified communication industry. "Our expertise and proven track record in developing superior noise-canceling headsets for multiple environments will help us expand and grow our business in North America."


Contact Information:

Dave Petricig, Sales Director of North America

Phone: 708-308-7446


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