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  • Contact Center Contact Center Headsets with superior Noise Cancelling Microphones, safe and comfort wearing all daySpecially designed for professional users in call centers and offices who would like to have the best hands free de...
  • Home Home Specially designed for professional users in call centers and offices who would like to have the best hands free device while experiencing superior noisecanceling, crystal clear voice transmission, al...
  • Office Office Designed to the be best professional headsets to deliver the best communication in open officesDesigned for office professionals, mutiple connectivity to your PC, mobile or Tablet, compatible with all...
  • Software & Downloads Software & Downloads
  • About Addasound About Addasound Originating from Denmark, ADDASOUND is a global leading provider of voice solutions and unified communication devices. The international team behind ADDASOUND has strong expertise in electro-acoustics...
  • Download ADDASOUND Brochure Download ADDASOUND Brochure
  • ADDASOUND Wired Headsets Rated ADDASOUND Wired Headsets Rated ADDASOUND Crystal 2831/2832, Crystal 2731/2732, Crystal 2731-U/2732-U Wired Headsets Are Compatible With Key Avaya Customer And Team Engagement SolutionsHelps Businesses Improve Call Quality.
  • Wired Headset Wired Headset QD or USB wired headsets, easy plug and play. Elegant, lightweight design for all-day comfort, easy deployment on different platforms, a superior noise-canceling microphone blocks background noises, maximum volume control protects hearing under intensive usage. ADDASOUND headsets are made of premium materials; all packaging meets EU environmental requirements.
  • QD Headset QD Headset ADDASOUND always keeps pace with developments in the contact center industry in order to provide headsets that meet the special requirement of professional users. Due to a strong R&D background, ADDASOUND delivers high-end noise-canceling Quick-disconnect headsets for contact center and office users in noisy working environments.
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Skalhuse 5, DK-9240 Nibe, Denmark
Skalhuse 5, DK-9240 Nibe, Denmark
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